Busy Days

I’ve been a bit busy these past couple of weeks, had a few events that I’ve attended plus training has resumed. All in the same week I went to the PSSA School State Championships, Bondi Surf Club Sportsman’s Luncheon and the Menai Sports Awards.

 I attended the NSW State PSSA (School State) Championships as a representative of Little Athletics to meet the kids of the next generation.  I was able to give advice to the kids and even the parents.  It was so good to give back to the sport that I love and hopefully inspire many young athletes to achieve their dreams just like I did. Many photos taken and autographs given.  Thank you to Darren Wensor for the opportunity to come back to the School’s State and see the kids compete and say ‘hi’.
 Secondly, I was invited to a luncheon for Bondi Surf Club along with 3 other Rio Olympic athletes Chloe Esposito, Cameron Girdlestone, and Shane Rose.  I had a great time getting interviewed by host Tony Squires and enjoying the company of local and fellow surf life savers and their guests talking about my experiences at the Olympics.  I would like to thank Adam Nezval and the rest of the Bondi Surf Club Committee for having me there for the day.  It was very enjoyable and lots of money raised for the club.
 Thirdly, I was nominated by Illawong Senior Athletics Club for the Menai Sports Award. This night was all about acknowledging those who have accomplished sporting achievements within the year.  I was nominated for Senior Female Sporting Team of the Year as part of the 4x100m and 4x200m relay teams run at the NSW State Relay Championships 2015, and the Sports Star of the year.  The nomination for the relay teams were unsuccessful but I was lucky enough to have become the Sports Star of the Year.  It was also a good night with Mr Coach Man being runner up for Sporting Club Person of the Year.  It was great to see Michael getting recognised for his hard work to both the sport and to his athletes.
Finally, I was very fortunate to have met not only a legend of the Jamaican Athletics Team but a very inspirational person.  Leeroy Gray the Strength and Conditioning coach for Usain Bolt and the Jamaican Team has been in Sydney with the Sydney Roosters.  With the help of Caron Lefever and Hayden Knowles I was lucky enough to have been able to meet and get some advice from Leeroy himself about my recent races at the Olympic Games and for future competitions.  Just in the short amount of time we had together I gained a lot of confidence and belief in myself and what I stand for.  What a great experience!
Having over two months off was very nice and relaxing but since being back for 5 full weeks I’ve realised why I love this sport. Since being back I have enjoyed every moment of it and feel so much stronger than I ever have been and it’s only the beginning. I have finally started a gym program (strength and conditioning) and it’s a lot of fun. This season, Coach Dooley and myself have decided to focus more on the 200m with the odd 400m here and there. We feel this will help a lot for the future and eventually improve my 400m time. In saying that, the speed work has been so good and I can feel something good is going to happen this season (hopefully). The plan for this season is to take each day as it comes and try and improve every race, whether it’s technically or time based. This season I’ll try to make the World Champs team in London in August 2017 for the individual 200m and hopefully be part of the women’s 4x400m team again.
Talk soon!

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