World Juniors Wrap

Congratulations to Jessica for her performances in Bydgoszcz Poland at the U20 World Juniors Athletics Championships.  Narrowly missing a bronze medal by an estimated 0.002s, Jessica was buoyed by her achievements in both the semi-final and final of the 400m obtaining personal best in both.


Thornton said, “All I came here to do is my best and I’ve done that so I’m happy no matter what.  Yesterday did take a lot out of me with the personal best, as it would for anyone, so to get another one is very extraordinary,”

Attention then turned to the 4 x 400m relay where Jessica led off on the first leg, and despite running three hard races in the previous three days, she ran a very respectable 52.7s split.  Unfortunately the team missed the cut and the final.

Juniors Summary

Courtesy of Caron Lefever

With these championships complete, Jessica has moved into camp at Florida with the rest of the athletic team for the Rio Olympics.  As preparations continue for the 4 x 400m relay we look forward to Jessica continuing her personal best form going into the Olympics.

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