Hit Out at Mannheim

After roughly travelling for about 25 hours to Frankfurt there was a further one hour bus ride to Mannheim, home of the 2016 Bauhaus Junioren Gala.  Unable to get into our hotel until the afternoon, the team went for a walk around town which turned out to be about 15km by the end of the day.  An early dinner and an early night for one JRKET.

Ribs at Mannheim

Next day it was off to the track where I ran mildly just to get the cobwebs out.  It was also good to get a look at the track which only had six lanes and was very tight to the grandstand.  Feeling a bit flat but looking forward to competing over the weekend, I needed a bit of fuel to get me going.  And what else but one of my favourite meals, pork American ribs, caesar salad, and wedges.  All for the deal price of 4.50 Euros (AUD$7.00).  Not sure if that was on the team dietitian’s pre-race menu but it sure tasted great.


Mannheim Track


Saturday was the start of the Bauhaus Junioren Gala but for me it was all about supporting my fellow team mates.  Some good hit outs but I think the travel certainly had some impact.  For me, it was time for Sunday afternoon to arrive. Surprisingly I was ranked fastest qualifier for the 200m amongst a range of countries sprinters. Coach and I were looking at the race as a short warm up event after such a long flight, but for me personally it was also the last chance to get a individual qualifier for the Rio games.



Mannheim Race

I felt good.  Good start, good stride and rhythm, and finishing first in 23.50s was a good result for me but still a little disappointing not to PB but happy to get the first race out of the way.

A light session on the Monday followed by some lay time in readiness for our trip to Suwalki to compete in the Poland Junior Championships.  For me it’s time to prepare for my first international 400m hit out in 2 years.

Mannheim Results 20062016

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