Leaving on a Jet Plane

Jessica Departure 22032016

When you go away for two and a half months you tend to take extra stuff in your luggage. I was no different, trying to cram as much of my favourite food snacks and casual clothing into the bag as I could.  How do you shed 40kg down to 23kg?  Well I found a way but I was still just over.

Finally at the airport. Meeting up with all the gang, it seemed many had a story about baggage.  At the check-in counter I was met by a female employee who tried valiantly to get my baggage over the line but with more than a kilo over the limit something had to go. Step in my good buddy Nick Andrews.

As it turned out, my toiletries bag weighed excessively with two and a half months worth of female essentials (all the girls will know what I mean) and Nick was kind enough to carry it with space to spare in his baggage.

A male carrying a pink coloured toiletry bag with green and yellow leaves on it – surely he wouldn’t have much to explain to any Customs Officer!

Anyway, with luggage onboard, and final high fives with everyone, it was time for the obligatory photographs with family.  Then it was over to my favourite sandwich shop Subway.  I knew I wasn’t going to get one of these for a while so I had to savour this one.

With flight time approaching, final goodbyes were shared with Mum and Dad, Big Sis, and boyfriend Speedy Z.  It was farewell to all as I walked around the corner of the departure entry – first stop Abu Dhabi.

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