The Time Has Come

With the pre-departure time obtained in Townsville a couple of weeks ago, departure time has now arrived.  One more sleep to go before heading to Germany for training and competition and warm up for Poland.  I’m so looking forward to catching up with the whole team.  My first run will be at the Junior Mannheim Gala Competition in Germany on the weekend.  Coach and I have decided to run the 200m for some speed which is on Sunday and leave the 400m to the next competition in Suwalki Poland.

A big thank you to all my extended family and friends for the great send off last weekend. I really appreciate all the support you have given.

To Coach and Team Dooley, thank you for all your advice, coaching, training,  massage therapy, and friendship.  Hopefully it will all bring out the best in me in Poland.  I have one objective and that’s to do my best in Poland at the World Junior Championships. What happens after that is a bonus.

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